One Vision Electrical Services.

It’s hard to show you some of the work we do at One Vision Electrical Services, when most of it is invisible, behind your walls and in your ceiling. We specialise in Office and domestic, wiring and electrical installations. All the circuits that are wired into your home by an electrician. The cabling from the street comes to a safety switch and meter box. We can connect everything you need from the meter box into your home.

So the best way to describe what we are good at, is for you to go to the wall closest to you and flick the switch. That’s it.

domestic electrical devices

We create the magic behind the switch. The lights, fans, heaters, and coolers all need to be wired to a switch. Cabling needs to be in place for your home theatre systems and kitchen appliances. If you need extra power points, lights and fans. We can help.

Safety Switches, Earth Wires and Surge Diverters are all designed to save lives and appliances attached to your electrical circuits. They need to be tested regularly and replaced if they are found to be faulty.

office electrical

We are able to assist you with your Strata electrical needs. We have the skills, the license and the insurance to complete the task professionally on time and on budget. We can install safety lighting in common areas and garages, extra power points and cabling for garden lighting.

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